Archimorph Book I: Biophilia + Technophilia (part 1)

-Continuing the discourse on technologies role in architecture, Biophilia + Technophilia interjects with a series of polemical essays on architectures role via the coevolution of technology and biology. The text alludes to an architecture where constructs are built of biotechnical mergers, from the bottom-up through molecular processes where they are able to adapt, respond, and transmit information within the environment of its [the architectural organisms] context. The largest question posed becomes; what will the human habitat manifest itself as, in a time when our technology is increasingly becoming more biological, and we are further able to manipulate biological matter at the molecular scale? Biophilia + Technophilia explores the possible human habitats amidst a post-human neobiotechnological merger, infleunced by modernities lineage of enthusiasm and infatuation for scientific and technological advancement.

Part 1 of Archimorph’s Book I was just completed. Part II will conclude during the summer of 2011 with the final publication to be released in late 2011.

Categories: Academia, Architecture, Biomimetics, Fabrication, Installation, Materiality, Modelling, Nanotech, Networks, Publications, Research, Technology, Theory, Urban Planning


studying: architecture design


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