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Stretchable Solar Skin

“Super skin” is what Stanford researcher Zhenan Bao wants to create. She’s already developed a flexible sensor that is so sensitive to pressure it can feel a fly touch down. Now she’s working to add the ability to detect chemicals and sense various kinds of biological molecules. She’s also making the skin self-powering, using polymer […]

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HAIRS: Hydrogel-Actuated Integrated Responsive Systems Joanna Aizenberg, Harvard University Responsive behavior, which is intrinsic to natural systems, is becoming a key requirement for advanced artificial materials and devices, presenting a substantial scientific and engineering challenge. We designed dynamic actuation systems by integrating high{aspect-ratio nanocolumns or nanofins, either free-standing or substrate-attached, with a hydrogel layer. The […]

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The Nano Suit

The Nano Suit – Life Without Architecture -Jon Bailey, …an abstract for an upcoming polemical text and architectural project. In this projected future, nanotechnology (specifically relating to that of autonomous nanorobotics) has the ability to self-replicate and assemble into complex molecular configurations, where the nano-structure can assemble and re-assemble from a solid to a gas […]

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Nano Supermaket

–Nano Supermarket -Next Nature’s Nano Supermarket OPENS! (Next Nature)

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sea-mouse nanowires

THE shimmering sea mouse, Aphrodita aculeata, may hold a key to creating nanoscale electronics, making it possible to produce nanowires 100 times longer than existing methods allow – and for a fraction of the price. The sea mouse is a marine worm the length of your thumb and is native to the North Atlantic and […]

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Archimorph Book i

-In early 2011 Archimorph will be publishing their first book, self-titled; Archimorph Book I: Architecture, Biomimetics, Technology. More information will be available closer to the release date.-JB

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.:IaaC:. Final Submittal

The presentation boards have been submitted to the 2007 IaaC Self-Fab Home Competition. The presentation boards, new graphs, images, and a powerpoint shall be posted at a later date. The site will now switch gears focusing work towards the genetic evolution script of these structures, which is ongoing and will continue to be researched and […]

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