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In an ever-evolving profession, it is paramount to find innovative methods and processes of working to enhance the design of the built environment. To remain relevant in this dialogue, it is critical to be aware of the changes occurring within the profession with the ability to adapt to fluctuations and changes in the discourse, both […]

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Innovations In Construction

Is Construction the Least Innovation Industry? This article resumes the conversation on the article, “Is Construction America’s Least Innovative Industry” and the HKS Viewpoint by Design Director Dan Noble. Dan touches on the many innovations the architectural practice has adopted, including BIM software, parametric modeling, and fabrication technologies. This article highlights the adoptions and innovations […]

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mad lab

-archimorph is helping to set up a new front in architectural design and research in the mid-atlantic, the washington dc based mad-lab (mid-atlantic design + research laboratory). This endeavor will help to bridge the gap within the region between professional practice, academia and fabrication whilst researching innovations in architectural design, technology, and process.

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Toward A Symbiotic Business Model

This is less a question to be answered directly, but rather a provocation for a conceptual business model for the continuation of the architectural profession. I believe that this concept is interesting for the professional practice in that practices are interested both in the innovation of the built environment and the longevity of the profession […]

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