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Carbon Fiber BS

-Final design for Advanced Material Structures; Biaxial Carbon Fiber Bus Shelter.

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SPOTLIGHT: Tara Donovan

Known for utilizing common and manufactured materials as components for her installations and sculptures, Donovan has been recognized for her commitment to process. She earned acclaim for her ability to discover how the inherent physical characteristics of an object might allow it to be transformed into art. The artist goes on to explore the multiplication […]

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SPOTLIGHT: Aurora Robson

Aurora is Canadian, but grew up in Hawaii and has lived and worked in New York for 20 years. She currently lives and works in Brooklyn with her husband, cinematographer Marshall Coles and daughter Ona. In addition to her work as an artist, she is Director/Co-founder of Lumenhouse, a photo studio, artist in residence program, […]

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Spotlight: MatterDesign

-‘As part of the research for the Princeton Envelope Group, this envelope was developed in pursuit of an envelope as atmosphere. As opposed to con sid er ing the enve lope as a her¬≠metic seal, this facade breaths, conditions, and cleans. This specific prototype is for the American Apparel factory build ing in Los Angeles. […]

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thesis precedents ii

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Thesis Precedents

-Precedent study for thesis project at the University of Michigan Digital Mania Thesis Seminar.

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archimorph + vers: Your-sUKKAH

YOur-Sukkah | a universal conversation ignited by Sukkot. During Sukkot all nations are called to build a Sukkah and in it re-enact daily experiences like eating, sleeping, learning, contemplating, sharing, and rejoicing with family, among friends, alone, and with strangers of all sorts. YOur-Sukkah seizes this mitzvah and incites visitors to communicate with one another […]

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Archimorph Book i

-In early 2011 Archimorph will be publishing their first book, self-titled; Archimorph Book I: Architecture, Biomimetics, Technology. More information will be available closer to the release date.-JB

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plasmatic matter

“The sculpture acts in the tradition of the marginalized mid-century American medical doctor Wilhelm Reich who said “all plasmatic matter perceives, with or without sensory nerves. The amoeba has no sensory or motor nerves, and still it perceives…The terror of the total convulsion, of involuntary movement and spontaneous excitation is joined to the splitting up […]

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