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wave pavilion

the ‘wave pavilion’ by macdowell.tomova acts as both a pragmatic and conceptual testing ground, leveraging scripting and advanced digital fabrication toward the expansion of disciplinary modes of design and construction. the pavilion operates as a piece of landscape furniture, an occupiable space of gathering and leisure. set on the grounds of the university of michigan, […]

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sukkah city: entries

-The Sukkah City website has recently unveiled the competition entries online! Visit the website to see the entrants, including the archimorph + verS entry Your-sUKKAH. More images from the competition entry may be found on the archimorph blog or on our facebook page.

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your sukkah: pre-submittal

-The above selected images were produced throughout the design process of the Sukkah City competition. The model was constructed parametrically in Rhino Grasshopper to stack cylindrical tubes in an irregular shifting grid, both to account for built-in furniture as well as extruded symbols on exterior walls. The tubes are exported from the Grasshopper definition to […]

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table furniture concept.

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