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High-Concept Sukkahs

-Video covering the 2010 Sukkah City winning entries.

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sukkah city: entries

-The Sukkah City website has recently unveiled the competition entries online! Visit the website to see the entrants, including the archimorph + verS entry Your-sUKKAH. More images from the competition entry may be found on the archimorph blog or on our facebook page.

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archimorph + vers: Your-sUKKAH

YOur-Sukkah | a universal conversation ignited by Sukkot. During Sukkot all nations are called to build a Sukkah and in it re-enact daily experiences like eating, sleeping, learning, contemplating, sharing, and rejoicing with family, among friends, alone, and with strangers of all sorts. YOur-Sukkah seizes this mitzvah and incites visitors to communicate with one another […]

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sukkah city: winners announced

-Archimorph + VerS have concluded the Sukkah City competition, and although having not won the competition remain optimistic and excited about the exhibition, book, and constructions that will follow. The competition yielded some amazing projects, as can be seen in the image above, and we look forward to the opportunity to examine the rest. Your-Sukkah […]

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