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Open Source Urbanism

Open Source Urbanism by Domenico Di Siena Summary /Overview Traditional medias don’t broadcast what the citizens are debating or organizing on a daily basis. Nevertheless, thanks to Social Networks, people can receive information and interact in real time with others, taking part in debates and social movements; and the 15th of May in Spain is […]

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Sustainable to evolvable / Reflexive urbanism

Sustainable to evolvable / Reflexive Urbanism Neil Spiller For some early twentieth century commentators, the twenty-first century was going to be about electronic mediation of space. For others it was about speed and vectors of movement. But fundamentally people often believed that the same urban paradigms would be in play, particularly leaden, inert buildings that […]

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in_flux studio

-Geodetic address: 41° 51′ 20″ N , 87° 36′ 53″ W -Political address: Chicago, Illinois, United States, North America 2010 University of Michigan Graduate Comprehensive Studios -Blog

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nikos salingaros | on fractal scaling

For the past few years, I have been applying the analytic thinking of a scientist to find basic laws for architecture and urbanism, following the lead of my friend, the brilliant architectural theorist Christopher Alexander. The results derived so far show that a building, or city, is subject to the same organizational laws as a […]

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