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Biophilia + Technophilia: Final Narrative

Biophilia : Technophilia (Final Narrative) Throughout the course of human evolution our lives have become intrinsically tied to the evolution of technology to the point where these two trajectories have become one of an interwoven existence as they continue to become interconnected through the progression of time. Infatuations with biology and technology spurred by the […]

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Biophilia : Technophilia Timeline

-Biophilia : Technophilia Timeline The timeline depicts biological discoveries next to technological advancements made since the 1600s as well as future projections from the BT Technology timeline. Represented in the timeline are the technological advancements which occured as a result of biological discoveries, which in turn propelled further biological discovery. As technologies evolve the timeline […]

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Atmospheric Augmentation

-Responsive to atmospheric conditions, chemicals (dimethyl sulphide) released from the epidermal layer growing from the scaffolding induce the formation of clouds, braiding the sky as the scaffolding begins to manipulate weather patterns.

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Diagrammatic Representation

-Searching for representational strategies to diagram the processes, materiality, and posthuman ideologies. This representation begins to create a taxonomy of the ideas and processes surrounding the scaffolding and bionic landscape. Ephemeral qualities of transience, growth, morphology and time still remain hidden as they refer to micro and macro processes occurring within the generation of the […]

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Biophilia : Technophilia 75%

-Increasing cultural infatuations with technology and biology have created a society of biophilia and technophilia, where these ideaologies have seeped into nearly every facet of human existence. With architecture dependantly bound to the technologies of human creation, as we are able to manipulate biological matter at the unit of the molecule, simulate complex biological systems […]

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Post-Human Landscapes

-The representations [above] are an early attempt to represent a post human landscape, or at least the introduction to one, where the synthesis of biology and technology are interwoven into a new landscape ecology. This is an arena where mental and physical connections and responses are exchanged between human and ecology. Atmospheres are augmented, manipulated […]

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Scaffolding Proposal

Scaffolding: Site becomes a datascape as flows of information are processed within the existing context of proposed growth. Agent based simulations react to these flows of information, determining spatial organization and structural trajectories. These simulations become not acted out within a traditional computer and monitor, but projected into the atmosphere as the calculations are processed […]

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scaffold test v3

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-Second phase of iterative testing for a potential scaffolding system.

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Biophilia + Technophilia: Project Manual

-Click [the image above] to obtain your free digital copy of the Biophilia + Technophilia project manual. More to come on this project as the months rolls on. Click here to purchase.

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