Scaffolding Proposal


Site becomes a datascape as flows of information are processed within the existing context of proposed growth. Agent based simulations react to these flows of information, determining spatial organization and structural trajectories. These simulations become not acted out within a traditional computer and monitor, but projected into the atmosphere as the calculations are processed through vats of bacteria and water. A visual overlay of projected ambient light filters through the atmosphere displaying the trajectories for the autonomous robots as they begin to secrete the protein-based material for the scaffolding. Fluidly morphing through the atmosphere as an ephemeral light show, the iterations within the processes of simulated evolution begin to stagnate, signalling to the robots where they may progress, congealing the simulation into physical manifestations where the structural print is further biomineralized by organic compounds released from the robots after each pass–creating a hardened scaffolding system ready for the cultured biological growth. As the biological growth adheres to the scaffolding, thick root-like systems begin to shoot out of the printed scaffolding as the organism searches for contact with its species and other scaffolding systems, creating a networking of web-like growth, covering the scaffolding and creating a cohesive structure. As time passes the roots give way to mature growth of bioengineered plant species yielding an annual sustenance of edible foods as the plants photosynthesis. The biological growth itself responds naturally to environmental context. As the context changes so does the epidermis, while the scaffolding and lattice remain the same throughout. As the biological growth responds to environmental pressures a heterogeneous fabric is created, exhibiting; geographic speciation, environmental variation, and morphological mutations (both natural and induced). What coalesces throughout the city becomes a physical series of progression, where maturation is met by growth of biological plant species gradiating towards a system of roots and scaffolding to that of only scaffolding, where eventually only the ephemeral projection of the simulated is to be seen reaching out into the landscape.”

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    Very fine post on website scaffolding I like information in this post

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