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Digital Construction

Digital Construction: An Integrated Digital Approach to Architectural Processes This post picks up on a previous article I had written, a presentation for a Green Week lecture titled,Innovations in Construction which goes into further detail on the “Digital Construction” processes discussed in the ending: There are currently three trends occurring in the architecture-construction industry which […]

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Virtually Augmented Realities

Virtually Augmented Realities “The extended human is the technium. Marshal McLuhan, among others, noted that clothes are people’s extended skin, wheels extended feet, camera and telescopes extended eyes. Our technological creations are great extrapolations of the bodies that our genes build. In this way, we can think of technology as our extended body.” – Kevin […]

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Innovations In Construction

Is Construction the Least Innovation Industry? This article resumes the conversation on the article, “Is Construction America’s Least Innovative Industry” and the HKS Viewpoint by Design Director Dan Noble. Dan touches on the many innovations the architectural practice has adopted, including BIM software, parametric modeling, and fabrication technologies. This article highlights the adoptions and innovations […]

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Climatically Responsive Clothing

Climatically Responsive Clothing In thinking through the relationship shared between human physiology, architecture, and the atmosphere it is desirable for me to speculate on scenarios of augmenting each, and how current technologies and natures may evolve to accommodate new human experiences given the ever-changing ecologies we inhabit. For this article I am especially interested in […]

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Future Cities: Combined Advanced Technologies and Flexible Urban Infrastructures by Rachel Armstrong

Future Cities: Combined Advanced Technologies and Flexible Urban Infrastructures Rachel Armstrong Mapping the landscape for agile design The 20th century convinced us that the future has a linear trajectory that progresses incrementally – so that tomorrow is exactly like today – only a little bit different. Anything that deviates from this predetermined path is obviously […]

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Golden Age – Somewhere

-Factory Fifteen, Golden Age – Somewhere -Source

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Biophilia + Technophila: Full Text

BIOPHILIA + TECHNOPHILIA THROUGHOUT the course of human evolution our lives have become intrinsically tied to the evolution of technology to the point where our trajectories have become one of an interwoven existence as they continue to become interconnected through the progression of time. Infatuations with biology and technology spurred by the Industrial Revolution and […]

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Noosphere 5.0

That the internet lacks organization and structure to the point where it’s disorganization requires search engines to sift through countless numbers of pages to arrive at the sites whose interconnectedness is the most densest matching the search criteria is a problem that can perhaps be achieved spatially. Emergent systems, such as brains, cities, cells and […]

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The Ends of the Parabola

The Ends of the Parabola-Kevin Pratt WIDELY RECOGNIZED in academic circles as an architectural polymath, Sanford Kwinter is famous among students for beginning each semester by first asking his classes what they would like him to teach, and then, regardless of subject, assigning reading material and speaking extempore with the kind of accessible erudition most […]

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History of the Seven Kingdoms

History of the Seven Kingdoms “LOOKING back at Paleolithic times, we can observe an evolutionary phase when human tools were embryonic, when the technium existed in its most minimal state. But since technology predated humans, appearing in primates and even earlier, we need to look beyond our own origins to understand the true nature of […]

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