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Nervou[s]ystopia Jon Bailey / Chad Porter / Julia Hager / Matt Noe On a tangent bifurcation of future possibilities resources of not oil or money is sequestered but that of human flesh and brain power. As prosthetics and technological enhancements propel us into a new reality we speculate on a future instance where we choose […]

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Strip Morphologies: v3

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Perforated Panels Testing

-Quick rendering test of the perforated panels and egg create ceiling system, created in Grasshopper.

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Fabrication Samples

Fabrication studies for punched metal screen facade explores variations in hole diameter per dye sizing and the incremental range between punches. The pattern of the punches are sized to suggest shading as light filters through the leaves of a forest canopy.

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Morphogenetic Structuralism 2.00

-Python scripted structural system in collaboration with membrane created by Erick Katzenstein. Wrapping the structure is a form-fitting membrane, via a definition in grasshopper utilizing Kangaroo and WeaverBird. Animation of process to follow…

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Emergent Classical

-Emergent Classical by Parke MacDowell

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Biophilia : Technophilia Timeline

-Biophilia : Technophilia Timeline The timeline depicts biological discoveries next to technological advancements made since the 1600s as well as future projections from the BT Technology timeline. Represented in the timeline are the technological advancements which occured as a result of biological discoveries, which in turn propelled further biological discovery. As technologies evolve the timeline […]

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Atmospheric Augmentation

-Responsive to atmospheric conditions, chemicals (dimethyl sulphide) released from the epidermal layer growing from the scaffolding induce the formation of clouds, braiding the sky as the scaffolding begins to manipulate weather patterns.

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505 Pamphlet

-505 Research Pamphlet: Interconnected + Technologically Enhanced: Posthumanism, Cyborgs, and Interconnected Bodies. Download for free here.

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Diagrammatic Representation

-Searching for representational strategies to diagram the processes, materiality, and posthuman ideologies. This representation begins to create a taxonomy of the ideas and processes surrounding the scaffolding and bionic landscape. Ephemeral qualities of transience, growth, morphology and time still remain hidden as they refer to micro and macro processes occurring within the generation of the […]

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