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Perforated Panels Testing

-Quick rendering test of the perforated panels and egg create ceiling system, created in Grasshopper.

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Concept Installation: Batt-Surface

-Concept installation; lightweight parametric surface undulating above a thick atmosphere induced with varying luminous layers.

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Morphogenetic Structuralism 2.00

-Python scripted structural system in collaboration with membrane created by Erick Katzenstein. Wrapping the structure is a form-fitting membrane, via a definition in grasshopper utilizing Kangaroo and WeaverBird. Animation of process to follow…

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Stratus Project

The Stratus Project, Geoff Th√ľn and Kathy Velikov The Stratus Project develops a kinetic interior envelope, seemingly alive with sensors and intelligence, set into motion based on sensory input to affect the atmosphere that it surrounds, and in continual information exchange and dialogue with breather and environment. The fully realized system will develop a series […]

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scaffold test v3

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-Second phase of iterative testing for a potential scaffolding system.

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Carbon Fiber BS

-Final design for Advanced Material Structures; Biaxial Carbon Fiber Bus Shelter.

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in_flux: multi-family housing concept

-Latest iteration of multi-family housing project for Chicago, IL (in_flux studio); pre-submittal. More on this project will be posted next month. -JB

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Bus Shelter Concept II

-Bus shelter concept exploring the use of carbon fiber as a primary material through a woven network of strips following stress vectors in the form. Using ANSYS structural software in conjunction with a parametric modeler, vector stress points will inform layering of carbon fiber strips. The initial form of the bus shelter would be cut […]

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jason hopkins - abhominal1

spotlight: jason hopkins – abhominal

–Jason Hopkins develops a compelling digital art work entitled Abhominal that illustrates a beautiful hybridization of geometrical normative structures with a tumorous organic flesh. His “bodies” are as much striking to me that it obviously evokes the hyperactive use of uncontrolled topological surfaces in current architecture. Jason Hopkins proposes a much more interesting vision of […]

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