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Swarm What?

Swarm What? Benjamin Bratton, 2012 What it is that designers actually mean when we/they talk about swarms, intelligence, and swarm intelligence? Usually we refer to rhythmic emergent processes –waves– but do this referring by sharing demonstrative images of swarm topologies, frozen or in motion. As information visualization becomes an increasingly global language of systems, events […]

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Noosphere 5.0

That the internet lacks organization and structure to the point where it’s disorganization requires search engines to sift through countless numbers of pages to arrive at the sites whose interconnectedness is the most densest matching the search criteria is a problem that can perhaps be achieved spatially. Emergent systems, such as brains, cities, cells and […]

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Age of Entanglement

The world seems to be less predictable these days, with political and social unrest, a slowly recovering economy and a changing climate. Futurists predict faster changes in the next 20 years, with large impacts on economy, sociology and our daily life. The trends with the biggest influence are reworking our financial systems, the need to […]

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Heterogeneous Space

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Thesis Precedents

-Precedent study for thesis project at the University of Michigan Digital Mania Thesis Seminar.

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Archimorph Book i

-In early 2011 Archimorph will be publishing their first book, self-titled; Archimorph Book I: Architecture, Biomimetics, Technology. More information will be available closer to the release date.-JB

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