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The 211 ERVAY building is an abandoned building in downtown Dallas. Meant to act as an anchor for the area it is envisioned that it will be redeveloped to draw people to Thanksgiving square toward the East. Rather than raze the building, it has many unique features, such as a skinnier floor plate, unlike many […]

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-Iteration of the Strip Morphologies experimentations that creates a suspended ceiling of steam-bent wood strips.

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Strip Morphologies: v4

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Strip Morphologies: v3

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Canopy Study

-Drop-off canopy studies utilizing a typical canopy structural system with a ribbed ceiling below that mimics monocoque boat structures.

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Framing Optimization in Contemporary Architecture

As the discussion regarding algorithmic modeling in architecture and optimization models to fine-tune design processes and outcomes continues, IMPROVED offers insight into the debate over optimization in architectural development. As I am an avid proponent of optimization algorithms utilized within the design process where they may find their place and utilization, the area of digital […]

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Strip Morphologies: v2

Strip Morphologies: v2 Testing of the Strip Morphologies Grasshopper model. This model works in coordination with the parametric tower definition for the upcoming Grasshopper workshop in Dallas. The strips contoured around the generated form react to solar position as well as the gradient map developed in Ecotect. The definition is to be used as an […]

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Auto Generated Architecture

Auto Generated Architecture This article is written after much internal debate over the last few years on the ideas of optimization and the quest for solutions of a fittest model, especially in lieu of new rampant generic parametric models. It is as much a critique on my own past ideologies as those which are becoming […]

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Tower Example

-Images from a Grasshopper 3D skyscraper example. The example will be used as part of an upcoming workshop in Dallas, Texas to teach GH for beginners as well the integration of GH into the design process. The tower example will help to teach basic fundamental aspects of constructing a basic floor and skin structure. Participants […]

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-Grasshopper testing for a rough mock-up model. Concept is for a thick bulbous-like growth of vessels and tubes to create both softscape and habitable shelter beneath. The modules then sway in the wind and react to solar radiation levels, much like a field of flowers.

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