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Digital Construction

Digital Construction: An Integrated Digital Approach to Architectural Processes This post picks up on a previous article I had written, a presentation for a Green Week lecture titled,Innovations in Construction which goes into further detail on the “Digital Construction” processes discussed in the ending: There are currently three trends occurring in the architecture-construction industry which […]

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In the Cause of Architecture

Architecture: Traversing Design and Making -David Pigram + Iain Maxwell Excerpt from Log 25, Summer 2012 The Machine is the architect’s tool — whether he likes it or not. Unless he masters it, the Machine has mastered him.” – Frank Lloyd Wright The machine killed the unique, or so Ruskin, Pugin, and Morris led us […]

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Canopy Study

-Drop-off canopy studies utilizing a typical canopy structural system with a ribbed ceiling below that mimics monocoque boat structures.

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Fabrication Samples

Fabrication studies for punched metal screen facade explores variations in hole diameter per dye sizing and the incremental range between punches. The pattern of the punches are sized to suggest shading as light filters through the leaves of a forest canopy.

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Research Through MAKING

The 2011 Research Through Making Faculty research grant recipients were announced by Dean Monica Ponce de Leon and awarded to Taubman College architecture faculty on April 1, 2011. Five grants were competitively awarded for the production of a research or creative project that is predicated on MAKING. Research Through Making Presentations: Glass Cast, Catie Newell […]

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Concept Installation: Batt-Surface

-Concept installation; lightweight parametric surface undulating above a thick atmosphere induced with varying luminous layers.

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UofM Digi Fab

Final fabrication peices from Maciej Kaczynski’s Digital Fabrication class at the University of Michigan. “The class was taught in tandem with David Pigram’s Rhinoscript class. The student groups were made up of student’s enrolled in both classes – so each project was scripted and fabricated out of steel or aluminum. I thought the work was […]

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Stratus Project

The Stratus Project, Geoff Th√ľn and Kathy Velikov The Stratus Project develops a kinetic interior envelope, seemingly alive with sensors and intelligence, set into motion based on sensory input to affect the atmosphere that it surrounds, and in continual information exchange and dialogue with breather and environment. The fully realized system will develop a series […]

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Spotlight: Starn Studio: Big Bambu

-Mike + Dough Starn: Starn Studio: Big Bambu: You Cant Stop, You Wont Stop, You Dont Stop. ‘A series about what it is to be alive, grow, and to change….the connective tissue…those interconnections where all the interactions happen and something gets made’

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Carbon Fiber BS

-Final design for Advanced Material Structures; Biaxial Carbon Fiber Bus Shelter.

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