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Digital Construction

Digital Construction: An Integrated Digital Approach to Architectural Processes This post picks up on a previous article I had written, a presentation for a Green Week lecture titled,Innovations in Construction which goes into further detail on the “Digital Construction” processes discussed in the ending: There are currently three trends occurring in the architecture-construction industry which […]

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Fibrous Assemblages and Behavioral Composites by Roland Snooks

Fibrous Assemblages and Behavioral Composites Roland Snooks In contributing to the Funambulist, I realize the obsessions that currently occupy my attention deviate from Leopold’s editorial direction. Experiments in behavioral methodologies and their underlying multi-agent algorithms have been the focus of my design research for a decade. However, as these techniques begin to mature and are […]

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Biophilia + Technophila: Full Text

BIOPHILIA + TECHNOPHILIA THROUGHOUT the course of human evolution our lives have become intrinsically tied to the evolution of technology to the point where our trajectories have become one of an interwoven existence as they continue to become interconnected through the progression of time. Infatuations with biology and technology spurred by the Industrial Revolution and […]

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Research Through MAKING

The 2011 Research Through Making Faculty research grant recipients were announced by Dean Monica Ponce de Leon and awarded to Taubman College architecture faculty on April 1, 2011. Five grants were competitively awarded for the production of a research or creative project that is predicated on MAKING. Research Through Making Presentations: Glass Cast, Catie Newell […]

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Rachel Armstrong | Letter to Arup

Mitchell Joachim. TERREFORM1: BlimpBumperBus Response to ‘Under Imagined Future of Transport’ posted by Susan Claris Letter to ARUP, by Rachel Armstrong I don’t agree that the importance of forward-thinking long term planning is over sold! What I do think is over-sold – is the productisation of very specific solutions to challenges that are not well […]

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Nomads, Knowmads, Noumads

The idea for this post came up while reflecting on Wildcat’s latest posts on the Knowmad and from an excellent piece I came by lately in G. Deleuze’s book – Spinoza: Practical Philosophy. To be more precise, it was inspired by a character from a science fiction book I am reading called Galileo’s Dream. A […]

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In a time where physical possessions begin to lose their once-crucial roles, where more and more live in multiple countries and spend much of their time traveling, where identity is becoming less rooted to a physical form and more to an intellectual, ideological and social basis, it seems to be a logical move for humans […]

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Cuschicle + Suitaloon

Both the Cuschicle and the Suitaloon projects by Archigram represent another condition in which spatial constructs are broken, unhindered flowing space. Through the use of an ever-present ‘suit’ a domestic living environment is always near, creating a thermo barrier between the wearer and the exterior environment. The suit represents a return to humanities nomadic nature, […]

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Digestible Gulf Stream

-Using this project [Digestible Gulf Stream] as a precedent for a current project and previously for Biophilia : Technophilia, Philippe Rahm portrays an architecture that is both unbounded by the partitioning of space and interwoven with the human physiological system. As the atmosphere surrounding the plates is conditioned within a thermal pocket, spatial structuring is […]

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Bailey, Jon - BOOK ONE_COVER


-Archimorph: BOOK ONE: Biophilia + Technophilia, 2011.

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