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Spotlight: Perry Kulper

Perry Kulper is an architect and associate professor of architecture at the University of Michigan. Prior to his arrival at the University of Michigan he was a SCI-Arc faculty member for 16 years as well as in visiting positions at the University of Pennsylvania and Arizona State University. Subsequent to his studies at California Polytechnic […]

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spotlight: leonardo solaas

-leonardo solaas; processing driven swarm visualizations.-Site

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Spotlight: Starn Studio: Big Bambu

-Mike + Dough Starn: Starn Studio: Big Bambu: You Cant Stop, You Wont Stop, You Dont Stop. ‘A series about what it is to be alive, grow, and to change….the connective tissue…those interconnections where all the interactions happen and something gets made’

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PostHuman_Composite_01 copy

biophilia + technophilia: thesis 2011

-January 07, beginning of digital mania thesis project; biophilia + technophilia. Opening Presentation Narrative: Biophilia + Technophilia (Slide 1) The project manual, entitled Biophilia + Technophilia attempts to decipher trends emerging within architectural design (since the early sixties[from Archigram to Buckminster Fuller to Phillip Beasley) to incorporate or draw upon a connection between human networks […]

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SPOTLIGHT: Tara Donovan

Known for utilizing common and manufactured materials as components for her installations and sculptures, Donovan has been recognized for her commitment to process. She earned acclaim for her ability to discover how the inherent physical characteristics of an object might allow it to be transformed into art. The artist goes on to explore the multiplication […]

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SPOTLIGHT: Aurora Robson

Aurora is Canadian, but grew up in Hawaii and has lived and worked in New York for 20 years. She currently lives and works in Brooklyn with her husband, cinematographer Marshall Coles and daughter Ona. In addition to her work as an artist, she is Director/Co-founder of Lumenhouse, a photo studio, artist in residence program, […]

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jason hopkins - abhominal1

spotlight: jason hopkins – abhominal

–Jason Hopkins develops a compelling digital art work entitled Abhominal that illustrates a beautiful hybridization of geometrical normative structures with a tumorous organic flesh. His “bodies” are as much striking to me that it obviously evokes the hyperactive use of uncontrolled topological surfaces in current architecture. Jason Hopkins proposes a much more interesting vision of […]

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the white hotel | brussels

-The White Hotel in Brussels. Link ““Disturb Me” is an interactive installation between human and his environment. It is to make perceptible the reciprocal links and often forgotten contact, that we maintain with our environment. The projection depends on the sound emitted by the spectators and creates consequently, a transitory and colored environment. The projected […]

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the house of red + white | katyn memorial

-Archimorph’s submittal for the HOUSE of RED+WHITE competition entry; Katyn Massacre Memorial.

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plasmatic viscosity

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