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Strip Morphologies: v2

Strip Morphologies: v2 Testing of the Strip Morphologies Grasshopper model. This model works in coordination with the parametric tower definition for the upcoming Grasshopper workshop in Dallas. The strips contoured around the generated form react to solar position as well as the gradient map developed in Ecotect. The definition is to be used as an […]

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Planks + Pixels

Planks + Pixels Jon Bailey & Erick Katzenstein Comprised of horizontal serial sections of wood, the AA_02 : Planks + Pixels installation transforms a once socially-deprived voluminous-void into a socially activated replacement. Vacant spaces becomes digitally congealed, eroded and guided over time by a stream of excited energy particulates eroding to expose a striated mass […]

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Morphogenetic Structuralism 2.00

-Python scripted structural system in collaboration with membrane created by Erick Katzenstein. Wrapping the structure is a form-fitting membrane, via a definition in grasshopper utilizing Kangaroo and WeaverBird. Animation of process to follow…

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