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Volatile Formation

Volatile Formation Roland Snooks – Log 25, Summer 2012 Volatility is a critical condition for design. Within the intensive processes of formation that underlie complex phenomena, those which self-organize and are capable of catastrophic change, it is the volatile nature of the system that is generative. From these far-from-equilibrium conditions new forms of order emerge, […]

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In the Cause of Architecture

Architecture: Traversing Design and Making -David Pigram + Iain Maxwell Excerpt from Log 25, Summer 2012 The Machine is the architect’s tool — whether he likes it or not. Unless he masters it, the Machine has mastered him.” – Frank Lloyd Wright The machine killed the unique, or so Ruskin, Pugin, and Morris led us […]

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Fresh Punches @ Land of Tomorrow Gallery

-This past Friday suckerPUNCH’s Fresh Punch’s exhibition opened at the Land of Tomorrow Gallery in Louisville, Kentucky. Biophili + Technophilia was on display amongst 18 other projects, including three built prototypes. “When was the last time you got punched by design? Fresh Punches is an exhibition featuring the collision of experimentation and contemporary discourse in […]

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Studio-X Studio-X is GSAPP’s global network of advanced research laboratories for exploring the future of cities. With locations in Amman, Beijing, Moscow, Mumbai, New York, and Rio de Janeiro, it is the first truly global network for real-time exchange of projects, people, and ideas between regional leadership cities in which the best minds from Columbia […]

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Archimorph + LoT Exhibition

-a r c h i m o r p h has been selected by the jury to appear in the suckerPUNCH Land of Tomorrow exhibition in Lexington Kentucky: We’re happy to announce the finalists of the Exhibition Competition! The three finalists which each have a portion of their project prototypes by PR&vD. There are also […]

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Biophilia + Technophila: Full Text

BIOPHILIA + TECHNOPHILIA THROUGHOUT the course of human evolution our lives have become intrinsically tied to the evolution of technology to the point where our trajectories have become one of an interwoven existence as they continue to become interconnected through the progression of time. Infatuations with biology and technology spurred by the Industrial Revolution and […]

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HKS-dc Design Fellowship

HKS-dc 2012 Design Fellowship Each year HKS brings together emerging design talent from the local community to promote design and collaboration within the city. This year, HKS-dc hosted their second annual Design Fellowship, hosting students from across the Mid-Atlantic region including three Mid-Atlantic design professionals. This years challenge looked at the up and coming NoMa […]

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Research Through MAKING

The 2011 Research Through Making Faculty research grant recipients were announced by Dean Monica Ponce de Leon and awarded to Taubman College architecture faculty on April 1, 2011. Five grants were competitively awarded for the production of a research or creative project that is predicated on MAKING. Research Through Making Presentations: Glass Cast, Catie Newell […]

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The Ends of the Parabola

The Ends of the Parabola-Kevin Pratt WIDELY RECOGNIZED in academic circles as an architectural polymath, Sanford Kwinter is famous among students for beginning each semester by first asking his classes what they would like him to teach, and then, regardless of subject, assigning reading material and speaking extempore with the kind of accessible erudition most […]

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Emergent Classical

-Emergent Classical by Parke MacDowell

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