Post-Human Landscapes

-The representations [above] are an early attempt to represent a post human landscape, or at least the introduction to one, where the synthesis of biology and technology are interwoven into a new landscape ecology. This is an arena where mental and physical connections and responses are exchanged between human and ecology. Atmospheres are augmented, manipulated and controlled, where visual projections are overlaid on top of reality and the “void” surrounding the human is now designed–a representational void no more. A dense mesh of genetically engineered plant species create a diverse landscape which empathizes with the inhabitants, responds to emotions, physiological changes and presence. Genetically engineered through computer generated designer DNA code, plant species create a habitat for bacteria capable of transmitting and processing data in sacs of water, together creating a dense living processing network through optical fiber-like roots. Photosynthesis of the plants provide the energy necessary for sustaining nutrients to both plant and bacteria, entering into a symbiotic relationship. The bacterial computers transmit data in the form of electrical impulses throughout roots into the printed scaffolding, allowing the structure to respond to environmental conditions processed by the epidermal layer. Such landscapes are a combination of genetically altered plant species and technological networks of sensors, projectors, and fibers aimed at creating an environment capable of bridging the gap between mental capacities and environment. It is in a time when technology is more biological, and contrary to popular cyborg machinations, becomes indistinguishable, where neither the biological origin or the technological alteration is distinguishable.

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