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YOur-Sukkah | a universal conversation ignited by Sukkot.

During Sukkot all nations are called to build a Sukkah and in it re-enact daily experiences like eating, sleeping, learning, contemplating, sharing, and rejoicing with family, among friends, alone, and with strangers of all sorts.

YOur-Sukkah seizes this mitzvah and incites visitors to communicate with one another through inscriptions, word of mouth, or graphic symbols. It is a tabernacle for the populous to engage in a collective messaging system by whispering, writing, or reading for/from/to others.

The tradition started three thousand [or more] years ago, in the dessert when God commanded the Israelites to build Sukkahs with their bare hands, under specific parameters, using local technologies, and materials found in place. For the next three thousand years we may abide by these rules by applying available materials, set to ancient parameters, inspired organically, but designed and built with contemporary tools.

This September YOur-Sukkah will use generative modeling software to reconfigure acid free/organic tubes and create spatial experiences that emit large-scale images similar to those of bulletin boards. Experientially each tube will hold all types of messages left behind by visitors who wish to express their thoughts and take from the tubes other peoples messages to spread ideas across the world. Formally YOur-Sukkah is a simple cube composed of four walls and three customized roofs that allow seven guests [or more] to stare at the sky through the traditional schach, while one or two persons sneak away from the crowd and privately watch the stars.

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