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Nervou[s]ystopia Jon Bailey / Chad Porter / Julia Hager / Matt Noe On a tangent bifurcation of future possibilities resources of not oil or money is sequestered but that of human flesh and brain power. As prosthetics and technological enhancements propel us into a new reality we speculate on a future instance where we choose […]

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archimorph + lagi

-Archimorph has entered into the 2012 Land Art Initiative Competition (LAGI): In partnership with New York City’s Department of Parks & Recreation, the 2012 Land Art Generator Initiative design competition is being held for a site within Freshkills Park (the former Fresh Kills Landfill) in New York City. “At 2,200 acres, Freshkills Park will be […]

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fed-scraper 2012 eVolo skyscraper competition Jon Bailey / Erick Katzenstein / Chad Porter That government transforms the way we occupy and inhabit space is nowhere more geodetically relevant than in the United States capitol of Washington DC, where limits have reached capacity in both physical space and organizational structure. Never before has the government owned […]

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HKS-dc Design Fellowship

HKS-dc 2012 Design Fellowship Each year HKS brings together emerging design talent from the local community to promote design and collaboration within the city. This year, HKS-dc hosted their second annual Design Fellowship, hosting students from across the Mid-Atlantic region including three Mid-Atlantic design professionals. This years challenge looked at the up and coming NoMa […]

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Archimorph + Land of Tomorrow Exhibit

Archimorph’s Biophilia : Technophilia thesis has been shortlisted for SuckerPUNCH Daily’s Land of Tomorrow Exhibit. You can place your vote here.

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News: AA_02 + eVolo

Planks + Pixels [Previous Post] was chosen as among the honorable mentions for the anonymous.a(rchitect) competition. Congratulations to the winners and all of the participants. eVolo 2012 skyscraper competition has ended as of the 24th with project winners announced February 27th. Boards in collaboration between Archimorph and HKS, Inc. will be posted at that time.

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Planks + Pixels

Planks + Pixels Jon Bailey & Erick Katzenstein Comprised of horizontal serial sections of wood, the AA_02 : Planks + Pixels installation transforms a once socially-deprived voluminous-void into a socially activated replacement. Vacant spaces becomes digitally congealed, eroded and guided over time by a stream of excited energy particulates eroding to expose a striated mass […]

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ACADIA 2012: Synthetic Digital Ecologies

The contemporary city is characterized by highly integrated and interdependent systems. More than ever this complex weave of bits and atoms demands the application of an eco-systemic methodology to architectural and urban analysis, digital design, fabrication and production. In this context, an emerging ecology of digital tools and techniques now allow designers to craft synthetic […]

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Thoughts on eVolo

As I look through the previous winning and submitted entries to the eVolo skyscraper competition I cannot help but feel the plasticity and corporatization of a competition whose topic of discourse weighs so heavily on the importance of possible future city dwelling scenarios. In contrast to truly challenging multiple aspects of vertical dwelling, entrants are […]

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anonymous.a(rchitect) 02

–In addition to entering this years eVolo 2012 Skyscraper competition, Archimorph will be entering into the anonymous.d competition: CHALLENGE anonymous.a – architectural competition anonymous.a architectural competition is aimed at small structures that CAN be built! Every year we are organizing a series of 4 architectural competitions that will conclude in an annual exhibition of all […]

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