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In addition to entering this years eVolo 2012 Skyscraper competition, Archimorph will be entering into the anonymous.d competition:


anonymous.a – architectural competition
anonymous.a architectural competition is aimed at small structures that CAN be built! Every year we are organizing a series of 4 architectural competitions that will conclude in an annual exhibition of all 12 winners held in the year’s winning structure. (More info in the download section)

The challenge
The challenge of this competition is to design a temporary exhibition structure/space under a bridge/railroad which is one of the most forgotten urban spaces in every big city. We would like to transform this very dark and abandoned space into an architectural statement that is inviting and fun where people can gather and experience the “under the bridge” in a different way by the conception of a physical structure that becomes the exhibition itself.

The site
The proposed site is located right bellow the “High Line” at West 24 street which is the home of some of the most influential art galleries in the world. We wish the proposed project to be an extension of the art galleries activities by providing an outdoor exhibition space. The 3400 Sq. feet lot at 507 W. 24 street in Manhattan is positioned between 2 adjacent galleries on its sides and the “High line” from above.

The program
The program set for this challenge is comprised of a 1200 Sq. feet (112 M2) of exhibition structure and 2200 Sq. feet (204 M2) of open gathering/sitting area. The structure could have an interior space to it but could also be conceived as a sculptural object. The conception of lighting and sound are welcome and will be considered a + for the project.

What we look for
anonymous.a is looking for original responses… We are looking for something simple but powerful that will illuminate the space and will generate a unique architectural/human experience. We are also looking for the technical intelligence of mounting a relatively small structure by the use of simple materials assembled together in a sophisticated way leading to a unique aesthetic expression.


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