In an ever-evolving profession, it is paramount to find innovative methods and processes of working to enhance the design of the built environment. To remain relevant in this dialogue, it is critical to be aware of the changes occurring within the profession with the ability to adapt to fluctuations and changes in the discourse, both professionally and academically. LINE is a studio within HKS that operates as a research + design team, cross pollinating design thinking laterally, across all sectors and industry within the firm. By studying and evaluating the relationships of emerging technologies and methodologies with process LINE seeks to elevate modes of architectural production and construction through intensive explorations in materiality, process, and tool sets. In order to be an activate participant in the architectural dialogue, both professionally and academically, LINE is working closely with local fabricators, universities, and communities.-LINE

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One Comment on “LINE”

  1. David Adio-Moses
    March 15, 2013 at 3:38 am #

    this is very interesting. my Ph.D focus is on green prefab housing. i am working on the first green housing estate in my country. i want to have biomimcry as an integral part of the concept. As an Architect and lecturer, i appreciate the importance of your work

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