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Open Source Urbanism

Open Source Urbanism by Domenico Di Siena Summary /Overview Traditional medias don’t broadcast what the citizens are debating or organizing on a daily basis. Nevertheless, thanks to Social Networks, people can receive information and interact in real time with others, taking part in debates and social movements; and the 15th of May in Spain is […]

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Sustainable to evolvable / Reflexive urbanism

Sustainable to evolvable / Reflexive Urbanism Neil Spiller For some early twentieth century commentators, the twenty-first century was going to be about electronic mediation of space. For others it was about speed and vectors of movement. But fundamentally people often believed that the same urban paradigms would be in play, particularly leaden, inert buildings that […]

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Future Cities: Combined Advanced Technologies and Flexible Urban Infrastructures by Rachel Armstrong

Future Cities: Combined Advanced Technologies and Flexible Urban Infrastructures Rachel Armstrong Mapping the landscape for agile design The 20th century convinced us that the future has a linear trajectory that progresses incrementally – so that tomorrow is exactly like today – only a little bit different. Anything that deviates from this predetermined path is obviously […]

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fed-scraper 2012 eVolo skyscraper competition Jon Bailey / Erick Katzenstein / Chad Porter That government transforms the way we occupy and inhabit space is nowhere more geodetically relevant than in the United States capitol of Washington DC, where limits have reached capacity in both physical space and organizational structure. Never before has the government owned […]

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The Fundamentals of Urban Complexity

The qualities of an emergent city The adoption of mass-production processes, or development, in substitution for spontaneous urban growth in the mid-20th century created for the first time a phenomenon of alienation between the inhabitants and their environment. While the physical features of spontaneous cities could be traced to complex histories of families, businesses, and […]

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The Journey to Emergence

This is part I of a series of excerpts of an article to be published in the International Journal of Architectural Research entitled The Principles of Emergent Urbanism. Additional parts will be posted on this blog with the editor’s permission until the complete article appears exclusively in the journal’s upcoming issue. Of the different domains […]

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00_In_Flux Final_00_Page_20

in_Flux: Final Presentation

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In_Flux: Final Perspectives

-Final rendered perspectives from the In_Flux Comprehensive Studio; more information will be published shortly.

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Archimorph Book I: Biophilia + Technophilia (part 1)

-Continuing the discourse on technologies role in architecture, Biophilia + Technophilia interjects with a series of polemical essays on architectures role via the coevolution of technology and biology. The text alludes to an architecture where constructs are built of biotechnical mergers, from the bottom-up through molecular processes where they are able to adapt, respond, and […]

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in_flux: multi-family housing concept

-Latest iteration of multi-family housing project for Chicago, IL (in_flux studio); pre-submittal. More on this project will be posted next month. -JB

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