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Rhino3dHelp 2050 Appliance Competition
Contest theme
Design & model a home appliance for year 2050
Firt of all, let me welcome you all to Rhino3DHelp.com’s first contest. This contest is solely dedicated to modeling in Rhinoceros 3D modeling software.
In this contest, you are encouraged to try and imagine how would a home appliance look and feel like in a year 2050. It doesn’t have to be fully functionally thought through, but it definitely is a plus if you design into more detail.

Contest deadline
February 1st – May 1st
Contest prizes and sponsors

1st prize
McNeel’s Rhinoceros v4.0 NFR (Not for resale)
3Dconnexion’s SpaceNavigator

2nd prize
T-Splines, Inc.’s T-Splines v2 for Rhino
3Dconnexion’s SpaceNavigator

3rd prize
3Dconnexion’s SpaceNavigator

General rules
By submitting you agree that Rhino3DHelp.com and McNeel can use your submission, for promotional purposes.
Any submission must have been created in 2010 and can not have been featured in any other CG competition or awards.
By submitting to the Rhino3DHelp.com’s contest, you warrant that you have obtained permission to submit the works for public display.
Any attempt to circumvent any of the competition rules or voting systems will result in you and your company being disqualified and permanently banned from all future contests.
Judging will be performed by judges selected by Rhino3DHelp.com. Judges will be responsible for selection and scoring of all submitted images. Criteria for judging can be found on the Judging page.
Contestants should be registered on the forums, and need to create their WIP thread in the contest forum.
Contestants should post at least 1 WIP shot during the challenge and should comment on others work.
For final submission, contestants need to submit compressed (zip or rar) .3dm model for judging.
Deadline will be after three months from now.
All contestants must provide reliable contact information in their profile, if information provided does not allow us to contact you easily then placement and prizes will be adjusted accordingly to the next ranked entry.
Usage of 3rd party plugins is allowed, as long as it is in Rhino and contestants must have aprox. 60% of the scene modeled in classic Rhino way.
T-Splines plugin usage is allowed.
Modeling in Rhino is obligatory, models needs to be 100% created inside Rhino, and all contestants must provide .3dm model to the jury.
Working in teams is not permitted, one person per submission only.
Every contestant can submit only one model to the contest.

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