Exoskeletal Capillary System

Section Cut EXAMPLE

Proposal for the exoskeleton to have a capillary system running thru it which collects and distributes rain water and air. After climate information is calculated, the nanobots would leave out voids in the exoskeleton for the distribution of these systems. The exterior of the structure would then have pores, where sides facing the wind, or in the direction of rain, would become more porous. Capillaries would also run thru to ‘pits’ which would collect rainwater and then distribute it as needed. This is being modelled after the capillary system in animals and the termite mound studies done by Dr. Rupert Soar.

“Imagine, instead of today’s solid bricks and walls, smart bricks and smart walls incorporating capillary-like structures…” – Dr Rupert Soar

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studying: architecture design


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