Hybrid Peer-to-Peer Netowrking.


The Hybrid Peer-to-Peer network is a proposal of how our autonomous structures will link up to one another for data/information sharing. This will allow for ‘People to work together on designs and construction, without any direct communication or even common interest’. Once users have input their data into the structure and the structure has maximized efficiency, it then becomes a node, which logs itself in wirelessly to the network. A database will be used to collect and index certain information, as well as used for searching purposes–which is more efficient than a pure P2P network. Information on the network will pass along information thru nodes, such as climate/weather information and structural efficiency. Thru the collective whole this will allow structures to become the most efficient they can. Structures will also be able to become aware of themselves in relation to other structures via GPS. An exact system is still being researched.

Categories: Research


studying: architecture design


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