Idea:: Dynamic Structure in GC

The user recieves a cube, this represents a 2x2x2(in.) cube (grid points) in GC. Using a script that will allow this small cube to grow (which is based off of user defined variables or L-Systems), it will grow into say a 10x10x10(ft.) cube (grid points). All points are then linked to a point (pointX) off in space –this represents the sun. X,Y, and Z coordinates become (the environment)numbers of longitude and latitude (i.e. Z1, Y1 is 1 degree latitude, 1 degree longitude). An if,then script will then be written to deform the “cube”. X,Y,and Z axis are also translated as seasons, such that pointX below say X10 represent winter months. You could then say that if pointX(the sun) is below X10 and in between Y5 and Z8, then certain points in the cube grid would move this many places in the X,Y, and/or Z direction (some move more than others). For example, in the summer time less surface area would face the sun, so points in the grid on the side closest to pointX would move in a manner that allowed for this. All of this data would come from solar paths and angles along latitude and longitude (Xplanes translate into angle of sun/months). Other seasonal changes to the structure would happen at the molecular level (i.e. thickening of the nanobots) and shown in a blown-up detail. Further scripting and methods would be needed to calculate the effects of airflow and ventilation on the structure.

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