TEDx: UofM

TEDxUofM is a University-wide initiative to galvanize the community for an event like no other; filled with inspiration, discovery and excitement. Borrowing template from the world-renowned TED conference, TEDxUofM aims to bring a TED-like experience to the University of Michigan. The vision is to showcase the most fascinating thinkers and doers, the “leaders and best” in Michigan terms, for a stimulating day of presentations, discussions, entertainment and art that will spark new ideas and opportunities across all disciplines.

TEDxUofM presenters are University of Michigan affiliated and represent the leaders and best. In selecting speakers, we value ideas and passion more than fame or status on this stage. Presenters have a global perspective and have challenged conventions in their respective fields. Our presenters convey their ideas in an engaging and thought-provoking way, captured in 18 minutes or less. Since no honorarium is provided, presenters are motivated purely out of passion to share their ideas with the world.

No two presenters are alike, and talks encompass a wide range of disciplines that span every corner of campus. There is an equal representation of male and female presenters, and a strong showing of student speakers. Our presenters highlight and address the growing trends and areas of focus at the university — from sustainability and entrepreneurship to research and the arts. Presenters that are diverse in expertise, presentation method, experience, and perspective are united by the common purpose of spreading their innovations to an intrigued, perceptive audience.

Our presenters are TEDxUofM’s biggest asset; they drive the conference’s content and conversation. We do everything we can to ensure speakers are empowered to deliver the talk of their lives.

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