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21st century design practice reveals ever-expanding complexities and ambiguities between architecture and the disciplines of art, performance, landscape, urbanism, interiors, and industrial design. With an increased consciousness of the extended ecological interrelationship of humans, cities, and space, renewed interest in the connectedness of people to all aspects of the built environment has emerged. Blurring of real and virtual boundaries implies greater reciprocity between the various aspects of a given territory. Theoretical postulations and built projects react to such forces with a gradient of extremes ranging from optimism to apprehension. This expanded field simultaneously communicates an experimental exuberance, as well as the shifting priorities associated with times of transformational change.

Contemporary design practice demonstrates an enhanced potential for social, sensory, and cognitive interventions, as well as the promise of environmental remediation through increased flexibility and resilience. d3:dialog>blur seeks to identify, interrogate, and expose territorial shifts that provide
alternative stimuli for our collective imagination. We invite experimental work that blurs boundaries by acknowledging the psychological, digital, and environmental dimensions of design. d3:dialog>blur will reassess this multi-layered frontier and showcase hybrid forms that challenge disciplinary orthodoxy by creatively operating beyond borders.

How does contemporary design practice mitigate the historically contentious territories of architecture, landscape, urbanism, and ecology?

What potentialities are realized by encouraging a broader range of design influences that engage ecological, political, geographic, and economic factors?

Which considerations will replace the hierarchical parameters of optimization, control, predictability, and clarity?

This second volume of d3:dialog casts its lens on the expanded parameters of design and calls for built work and speculative research proposals that think big. The journal will identify new topographies by fixing its gaze on the processes, strategies, alliances, and production of today. d3:dialog>blur will convey these new objects, new spaces, and new inquiries in a provocative illustrated format that forecasts the richness and potential of the 21st century built

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