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TEX-FAB is a new resource for designers, academics, fabricators, and students seeking out the innovative application of digital technology to the physical environment. Within Texas there is an emerging network of companies, institutions, and individuals focusing on the exploration of parametric design and the digital production of building components. Specifically, there is a growing opportunity for collaborative exchange between the academic, technical, and professional communities by leveraging the immense resources found in some of the largest metropolitan centers across the United States. TEX-FAB seeks to create a forum for the exchanges of these ideas and techniques through workshops, lectures, and exhibitions.

Architecture is defined by connections: the method and the material by which an assembly is developed to create enclosure. This process results in an active performative connection, one that is specific and definitive producing an architecture that can be built through iterative means. REPEAT asks that you look first at the connection and then – through repetition – define the whole. In brief, by evaluating the design process from this perspective, what emerges?

REPEAT as an international competition is established to foster the creative spirit in the burgeoning field of digital fabrication. We encourage the generation of cutting edge design proposals for a structure of your design with the only caveats being it be generated and conceived digitally, incorporate repetitive elements, be optimized for relocation and transportation and be produced through fabrication technologies available within Houston, Texas.

Within cities with atomized light manufacturing capabilities like Houston, there exists a potential for designers to engage fabrication via direct communication with machines. A culture of making that has its foot in the energy and aerospace industries is ready to be appropriated and applied to architecture. The competition challenges the current exploration of parametric design to engage this latent field of production to explore a meaningful synthesis based on repetition and variation.

The evaluation of all the REPEAT proposals will focus on the cohesion of the design concept to digital fabrication techniques and methods of assembly. Factoring in these two foundational requirements for the competition, the entrant is encouraged to propose a solution that is both formally challenging in the mechanics and aesthetics of the connections, but also speak to the issues of use and performance.

Entry fee for all proposals 100 USD

The winning entry will be built , exhibited and subsequently given to the winner. The design and fabrication of the piece will be paid for in full by TEX-FAB and installed to coincide with the TEX-FAB exhibition REPEAT, in February. NO design fee will be paid. Estimated value of the winning entry is 10,000 USD.

Honorable mentions will be awarded at the discretion of the Jury. All mentions will be exhibited at the REPEAT exhibition in Houston, Texas in February 2011


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