OpenSource Housing

The above image is an early concept rendering of the 3d printed modules creating a formed wall.

OpenSource Housing is the concept we are currently developing for the LifeCycleBuilding Challenege 2, where the competition looks at the entire lifecycle of the designed building, from building materials to the systems incorporated. Where rectalinear and uniform building models were part of the Industrial Age, this concept seeks to find an architecture of the Information Age, where not only mass production is important, but together with mass customization. Where economy once determined the modular, now data and information from the context and user can directly become architecture via new digital manufacturing technologies. The OpenSource Housing project uses self-replicating 3d printers to machine modular parts from a liquid polymer. The materials come from recycled plastics, and the input comes from an online peer-to-peer networking system aimed at the opensource sharing of data and building modular data. The premise of the system is to create an entirely independant and opensource building system while simultaneously recycling human trash.

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studying: architecture design


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