ArchiMorph Land

Yesterday in Indianapolis we began to write the L-System script for Generative Components. Using C# and Rhino Visual Basic we worked on writing an L-System that would be ran thru a genetic evolution code and then put into GC. Fitness Criteria, based of climatic conditions and inhabitable space, would be used to filter out the millions of possible evolutions that this code would produce. After Nth generation a building would finally evolve into the optimal structure for its environment –throwing away any all possible combinations which do not make it. Users would then be able to pick from say nine different homes which were the highest optimal houses that met the fitness criteria. These could then been shared from user to user via the peer-to-peer network. Once the house was constructed it would be constantly adapting to the environment, and our end for the project this means a working model based off climatic factors in GC. Early on in the project we discussed how this building might evolve, with a GUI much like Biomorph Land. This project is definitely headed in the write direction and we shall continue to work on the script for the genetic evolution of our building. A working parametric model was also built using Generative Components.

-“Thank You” for the help and collaboration” to our friends at BSU.

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