Proposal:: Capillary System Update

-Image of capillary in Human lung.

It has been discussed that our structure might grow with an L-System script while simultaneously growing with the environmental data, rather than the structure growing and then environmental data optimizing the structure. This would now happen all in one process–in one script. It is now being proposed that our capillary system grows in a similar manner – simultaneously. We have been working with an L-System script that grows our network capillaries. It would be our wish that while the L-Systems code and environmental data are growing the structural exoskeleton, the capillary L-System script will run simultaneously, only instead of growing nanobots in these areas, it will tell the other script to leave voids there. This will help to maximize efficiency of the structure and capillary system. Environmental data such as wind currents and precipitation values would be the variables for this script and would be updated continuously through the peer-to-peer network.

Categories: Nanotech, Theory


studying: architecture design


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