Example:: P2P

HERE is an example diagram that graphically explains the relation of the peer-to-peer connection between the structures. A final layout will need to be chosen before the graphics can fully be expressed. Structures, become nodes, which are linked to a wireless network– a pure Peer-to-Peer Network. Data and variables are exchanged through this network, from one structure to the next so that a totally efficient structure will evolve from the collective whole working together to solve problems. This would happen automatically from the user interface, and may need no attention from the inhabitant. The peer-to-peer network that links structures enables them to optimize themselves into the most efficient structure possible at that given time.

The process begins with the user and then the structure optimizing itself to climate, regional, and global data. After this initial process is done it searches for local structures within its p2p network, and optimizes itself to structures who are more efficient and adapted over time. The structure then links itself to regional and global p2p networks, optimizing itself to these regional and global conditions. Once the structure has optimized itself and recieved all updated data from the network, it will constantly run the loop optimizing itself in the future. After the intial run the stucture may repeat the process without the users interaction, updating automatically to climatic conditions and sharing information.

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