The 211 ERVAY building is an abandoned building in downtown Dallas. Meant to act as an anchor for the area it is envisioned that it will be redeveloped to draw people to Thanksgiving square toward the East. Rather than raze the building, it has many unique features, such as a skinnier floor plate, unlike many […]

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In an ever-evolving profession, it is paramount to find innovative methods and processes of working to enhance the design of the built environment. To remain relevant in this dialogue, it is critical to be aware of the changes occurring within the profession with the ability to adapt to fluctuations and changes in the discourse, both […]

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Fresh Punches @ Land of Tomorrow Gallery

-This past Friday suckerPUNCH’s Fresh Punch’s exhibition opened at the Land of Tomorrow Gallery in Louisville, Kentucky. Biophili + Technophilia was on display amongst 18 other projects, including three built prototypes. “When was the last time you got punched by design? Fresh Punches is an exhibition featuring the collision of experimentation and contemporary discourse in […]

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-Iteration of the Strip Morphologies experimentations that creates a suspended ceiling of steam-bent wood strips.

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Strip Morphologies: v4

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Strip Morphologies: v3

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Innovations In Construction

Is Construction the Least Innovation Industry? This article resumes the conversation on the article, “Is Construction America’s Least Innovative Industry” and the HKS Viewpoint by Design Director Dan Noble. Dan touches on the many innovations the architectural practice has adopted, including BIM software, parametric modeling, and fabrication technologies. This article highlights the adoptions and innovations […]

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Climatically Responsive Clothing

Climatically Responsive Clothing In thinking through the relationship shared between human physiology, architecture, and the atmosphere it is desirable for me to speculate on scenarios of augmenting each, and how current technologies and natures may evolve to accommodate new human experiences given the ever-changing ecologies we inhabit. For this article I am especially interested in […]

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The Funambulist Atmosphere

Today’s guest writer essay is written by Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos, co-director of the The Westminster International Law & Theory Centre in London. Andreas was kind enough to center his text on the figure of the Funambulist who incarnates both the body that experiences and creates the atmosphere (s)he is in. He uses Tomas Saraceno‘s sculptures as […]

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Jason Hopkins1

Object Oriented Ontology

Architecture’s Next Ontological Innovation Patrik Schumacher, London 2012 Bill MacDonald and Erik Ghenoiu asked me to write a “critical assessment, counterpoint, or position statement in light of this issue’s material, showing both the importance of, and problems with, the arguments that have been emerging in architecture’s reception of object-oriented ontology and the new thinking about […]

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