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Diagrammatic Representation

-Searching for representational strategies to diagram the processes, materiality, and posthuman ideologies. This representation begins to create a taxonomy of the ideas and processes surrounding the scaffolding and bionic landscape. Ephemeral qualities of transience, growth, morphology and time still remain hidden as they refer to micro and macro processes occurring within the generation of the […]

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Biophilia : Technophilia 75%

-Increasing cultural infatuations with technology and biology have created a society of biophilia and technophilia, where these ideaologies have seeped into nearly every facet of human existence. With architecture dependantly bound to the technologies of human creation, as we are able to manipulate biological matter at the unit of the molecule, simulate complex biological systems […]

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Post-Human Landscapes

-The representations [above] are an early attempt to represent a post human landscape, or at least the introduction to one, where the synthesis of biology and technology are interwoven into a new landscape ecology. This is an arena where mental and physical connections and responses are exchanged between human and ecology. Atmospheres are augmented, manipulated […]

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09-11 studio portfolio

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huronSYNERGY revisited

-New visualizations for Fall 2009 Huron River Watershed Council Headquarters. The model was parametrically built using Grasshopper following circulation curves in the landscape.

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Thesis Update

-In thinking through the development of the project I am attempting to set up a narrative that ties into future aspirations of the city [Chicago], post-human futures, and biotechnical mergers. The project is attempting to achieve an architecture which would lay forth one possible scenario culminating from the merger of biology and technology where body/building […]

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scaffold test v3

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spotlight: leonardo solaas

-leonardo solaas; processing driven swarm visualizations.-Site

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PostHuman_Composite_01 copy

biophilia + technophilia: thesis 2011

-January 07, beginning of digital mania thesis project; biophilia + technophilia. Opening Presentation Narrative: Biophilia + Technophilia (Slide 1) The project manual, entitled Biophilia + Technophilia attempts to decipher trends emerging within architectural design (since the early sixties[from Archigram to Buckminster Fuller to Phillip Beasley) to incorporate or draw upon a connection between human networks […]

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