huron synergy 12.01

Huron Synergy. As the boundaries of our ever expanding megalopoleis blur the lines which defines perimeter, landscapes of complex ecologies disappear before our eyes, pushing the boundary further into itself doomed for collapse. Detroit Michigan is in an economic crisis, and as its inhabitants leave the city at an alarming rate, the constructed perimeter begins to burst at the seams consuming the natural habitat in its wake. Spanning the distance from Detroit and Ann Arbor lies the Huron River watershed, the busiest area for development in recent years has seen an influx in its population. With several hotspots for construction along the river, Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti cover the greatest distances with impervious surfaces, which will ultimatley lead to the distruction of the Huron River ecology. With changing values in the development along water bodies, sites are left behind leaving a miserable shell of the habitat which once took its place. The Huron River Watershed Council oversees all of the watershed including; to inspire attitudes, behaviors, and economies that protect, rehabilitate, and sustain the Huron River system. The HRWC named phosphorus as the number one pollution from non-point source runoff threatening the river. In order to rehabilitate these destroyed areas, this project proposes the active restoration of these sites along the watershed creating new ecologies within an urban environment; acting as a dialysis machine for the river, cleansing the river and restoring it to its natural splendor.

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