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interesting photographs from Cherrapunji, India of a living root bridge spanning a creek bed, proof once again that nature provides the coding to develop into habitable structures. with increased research and funding into natural structural systems, biochemistry, and the mathematical processes, such as the lindenmayer fractals, unsustainable industrial technologies can be replaced with bioengineered organic structures. in the near future plants could be manipulated at the molecular scale to grow forms for our needs; walls with self-regenerating protectact bark, leaves which harvest rainwater, cleans the air and replaces with oxygen, and a structure that produces energy. a tree. to save ourselves from the earth we are changing, we must look to it’s other organic properties for our building purposes. two hundred years later, nineteenth century industrial techniques of heat, beat, and treat need to be replaced by more sustainable and intelligent building methods. it may leave quite a few people astounded that this would rule out the typical building materials of today; concrete and steel. these materials are far from the answer, and we have yet to reach the pinnacle of our building technologies potential. instead natural plants would be re-engineered and tailored to our specifications for habitable environments. aside from the architectonic, there are many other benificial reasons for the research and development of bioengineered plant species; bioluminescent trees can be engineered to replace street lights spanning the globe. projects such as these have natural non-polluting processes, which could reshape the planet, in a way conducive to life. -JB


Categories: Biomimetics, Sustainability


studying: architecture design


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