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Scaffolding + Aggregations

-Big Bambu, Starn Studio -Designed Particle Aggregations, Achim Menges Studio, Rice University + AA London, 2003-2004 -Achim Menges Studio

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Cuschicle + Suitaloon

Both the Cuschicle and the Suitaloon projects by Archigram represent another condition in which spatial constructs are broken, unhindered flowing space. Through the use of an ever-present ‘suit’ a domestic living environment is always near, creating a thermo barrier between the wearer and the exterior environment. The suit represents a return to humanities nomadic nature, […]

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Digestible Gulf Stream

-Using this project [Digestible Gulf Stream] as a precedent for a current project and previously for Biophilia : Technophilia, Philippe Rahm portrays an architecture that is both unbounded by the partitioning of space and interwoven with the human physiological system. As the atmosphere surrounding the plates is conditioned within a thermal pocket, spatial structuring is […]

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